Hello, and welcome to our newest undertaking. We hope to use this blog to bring you tasty, trivial, and (perhaps?) timeless recipes from the pages of newspapers. We’ll use recent articles as well as those from as far back as we can find recipes (so far the 1930’s have the oldest). And although we’re based in Seattle, we’ll be using large and small newspapers from across the country.

We won’t just stop at instructing you on how to prepare the perfect apple pot roast. We’re also committed to putting those recipes into a historical context, both the history of journalism and the social history of the U.S.

Why are we doing this? Because we find it interesting. Here’s a little bit about us, and maybe you can find out why we were drawn to this project:

Toby & Shannon
Toby & Shannon at Beaumont Tower, Michigan State University

Shannon is a 24-year-old first year teacher. Although she loves her 4th graders, she has never let go of her undergrad experience with newspaper reporting. While at Michigan State University, she interned at the Jackson Citizen Patriot, the Detroit News, The Gazette of Colorado Springs, and The (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union. She loves the history of journalism. In addition, she’s fascinated/horrified with ’50s housewife chic and its resurgence. One of her recent literary heroines is Lynn Peril, author of Pink Think and College Girls. She is most interested in exploring the role of the women’s page/food page, the role of women at newspapers, and the changing role of a food section in the current world of journalism.

Toby is a 24-year-old student at the University of Washington, where he studies digital arts and experimental media. A self-described Mac geek (who converted long after Shannon sang praises of the G4) , he dabbles in Web design and is particularly interested in communicating through music and technology. Toby is also an amateur cook. He has been known to get down on himself because a meal’s presentation was deemed sub-par, and he has also been known to randomly whip up blueberry syrup from scratch for the fun of it.

We aim to update once a week, as our students and coursework prevent us from more frequent posts. If you’re particularly interested in keeping tabs on us, Shannon also blogs about children’s books, and Toby posts his recent projects online.We’d love to hear any suggestions you have for us, and we’re always in the market for old newspaper recipes you’ve got in your file! Enjoy!


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