Coming down the pipeline

As I have no recipes to share (Toby promises me he will return to the world of the living by tomorrow night at the latest), I figured I’d give you a taste (insert rim shot here) of what’s to come.

I already mentioned that I’ll be doing heavy-duty work on my mom’s recipes when I go home for Christmas. We’re honestly to the point where we’re debating bringing our scanner with us. It might be cheaper and less of a hassle to just buy a cheap one in Michigan.

My overseas el-jay friend has already hooked me up with NY Times recipes from the 1800’s, and he pledges to send me international newspapers when he has access to them.

Do you have any requests? Toby and I have noticed that people writing in to a newspaper for specific recipes seems to have fallen by the wayside. We posit that this is because access to archived recipes has gotten so much less cumbersome. Unless, of course, you want the pictures that accompany said recipes…

Which brings me to my last bit of good news! I might be able to get a copy of our LA Times photograph as early as tonight. Apparently, the University of Washington library also keeps fiche copies of the Times. Perhaps I can convince Toby to let me stop there on our way home tonight…


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