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Toby’s busy working for Pet Holdings, Inc. and I’m operating kind of in crisis mode, but we’ve both been doing a lot of thinking about our eating habits and how we’re approaching nourishing ourselves.

This summer, we joined a fantastic CSA and discovered how much we like making soups. We’re continuing to set aside our CSA money every week so we make sure we visit one of our year-round farmer’s markets. My new mission is to get on the P-Patch waiting list.

Now that I’m no longer working part time at Display and Costume, I’ve been trying to contribute more to the domestic aspects of our life, which includes contributing more to meals. I’ve been looking around for newspaper recipes, but blogger Calamity Shazaam in the Kitchen sums it up pretty succinctly:

Sadly the newspaper form seems to be dying out so perhaps the future of clipping recipes will be archived web links. I know that on Wednesdays I love to browse online papers from across the country to see what people are cooking, trawling for ideas and trends, and mostly just drooling over recipes and photographs. But there is also something immensely enjoyable about spreading the paper out on the kitchen table and cutting out recipes that you think you’d make one day.

She also talks about clipping virtal recipes for her digital cookbook, which I think is a nice image to have.

I really like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s recipe search engine, and look what I discovered! A 30-day Crock Pot Challenge! We just now are starting to use our crock pot, which we received as an apartment-warming present. I made 16 jars of pear butter in it this weekend… not really the apparatus’ intended use, but it turned out great.

Now I’m looking around for a pork chop recipe that I can use some of the pear butter on. Wish me luck, and I’ll see you soon!


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