November 5, 2008

No food talk today; I just thought you might want to check out today’s front pages.


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Lifehackers React to the Demise of Paper Newspapers

Lifehacker opened a discussion on the future demise of print newspapers, prompted by news that the Christian Science Monitor will now appear online only.

I’m still interested in the impact this will have on food reporting. Have the genres of recipe books, food memoir, and food history grown large enough to supplant anything newspapers could report on?

Have there been any discussions of newspapers shutting down their test kitchens as a result of shrinking budgets? I think this would be an interesting story.

ETA: Gannett blog reports that the features sections may be completely ELIMINATED from some papers. Via: a Gannett reporter friend who might not want to be linked.


Eating on Election Day

This week’s recipe is forthcoming.

I have my students for an extra half-hour this week. With Tuesday’s election predicted to draw record numbers of voters, schools are modifying classes Nov. 4 to accommodate for the influx of people on school grounds.

I grumbled a bit that I hadn’t read any election stories taking this angle, but never fear, The New York Times has got it covered. There have been several discussions by papers large and small about the safety aspect of holding elections at a school with hundreds of wee ones, but I haven’t heard many discussions about the logistics. It could be a nightmare.

Our school gym serves as the cafeteria. With the gym shut down all day, all P.E. classes must meet outside in the rain. Additionally, to the horror of our union, students must eat lunch in the classroom, violating the duty-free lunch provision of our contracts. We have no idea how long the lines will be, or whether our parking lot will be able to accommodate the number of voters.

Please don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting that we need to grapple with these concerns, as they mean people are finally interested in fulfilling their civic obligations. I just find it interesting that the schools have to handle all the election modifications on their own.

Finally, of course we also cannot have any sort of material supporting one candidate or another, seeing as how we’re much much less than 300 feet away from a polling place.

I wanted to close with a picture of Allison Janney giving her speech at a Rock the Vote event in West Wing Season 4, but I couldn’t track one down. Can you?